Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Sweet Springing Summer

Just a beautiful place to live. NOT worth the price, this whole area, but definitely beatiful.

I used to stay informed. I used to listen to NPR for several hours daily and read the paper at least 4 times a week. Haven't had television in 5 years, but can you really get news from mass media like that? Or is it really just entertainment? Although in times of disaster I've missed television. I may be the only American who never saw footage of hurricane Katrina, NONE AT ALL. I have only seen the trade towers getting hit ONCE EVER. Two days after, on a muted tv in a bar. Because when I did have tv 5 years ago, I had it less than a year, and before that was another several tv-less years.

Now I get 8 minutes of NPR on the way to work, ( I listen to music on the way home) and whatever I hear secondhand at work. That's it. I don't watch the news or read it online, and I don't get radio stations at home except for 97.9 En Fuego! Reggae Tonez y mas! And here we are, SEVENTEEN months from the election, and I know all about Hillary, Obama, Edwards, etc. And I think it's going to be another stupid fail for the democrats. Cuz you know what? It's SEVENTEEN months away. Can you imagine the average American's attention span staying with these stories for almost a year and a half?? I think it's the easiest campaign the Republicans will ever have, not to mention cheapest, because all they have to do is bide their time till America is sick of hearing about these candidates and then, in the nick of time present a fresh new face. Okay, you don't think it's that easy? I have a very dear friend, and I love him, but he voted for Arnold because "it would be hilarious if he won". Pure and simple. My friend is gay and wants the right to get married, and he votes for a REPUBLICAN because it would be FUNNY. People, it IS that easy.

Okay, maybe we have a chance with the fact that most people vote their party no matter who the name is. I tell you though, in 2004 every one was all "don't throw away your vote like 2000 and Nader, cuz man THAT was why Bush won". Uh huh. Yeah that's not the biggest load of bull poo I ever heard, but it's close. I voted for Gore in 2000 dammit and I regret it. I wish I'd voted for Nader. And in 2004 when people of the blue state persuasion said "let's learn from our mistake" I said heck yeah and I voted straight green down the line. No regrets this time either.

My mind's not even close to made up this time, though, cuz people... we have SEVENTEEN MONTHS to decide.

Oh, and why don't I stay informed? Because all it does is anger and depress me. There's plenty of that available without seeking additional outside sources. I can just go to work. And you know what's much more interesting and pertinent anyway? My cucumbers are really taking off!

P.S. Just thought I'd share a laugh with you.. My new camera has in it's manual THREE different pages where it warns you
!!Caution: Do not stick your finger in your eye!! What was I saying about human mentality... ?

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daddums said...

Here here, Hermit Girl. I think if the campaigns were limited to, say, about 6-8 weeks and were publicly financed - no private or corporate money's allowed - we might have a different kind of government. Maybe even more like what was originally intended when this whole American experiment was started. But money rules. Your choice of limiting yourself to about 8 minutes of news per day is a really good idea. Watching your cucumbers grow sounds way more fun.