Monday, June 18, 2007

Lucky 7

Saw this awesome skink in my garden the last few days, but he was always too quick to snap a picture of before. Today CommonLaw ran to "omg get the camera, quick!" while Pheonix blocked the escape path. Not that Pheonix even saw the lizard until after I got my shot and it ran, successfully, under a log. Isn't that blue amazing?

Found this salamander under a log, I always check under a few when I'm hiking. Again, Pheonix, Mr. Oblivious, stepped right on the poor thing before I could grab him, but never noticed it. Apparently he is not the hunter of the family. The salamander is actually kinda, well, ugly, I mean, I love nature, but I only took this picture because I've never seen one that color before. They're always bright orange or brown orange. I thought this was an albino but it's eyes were black. It was more interesting than eew so I took the picture, and then replaced his shelter carefuly.

I guess Lilly was doin some yard work today which tuckered her out. Cute! I did no work at all this weekend, just a little gardening and picture taking. Mostly just enjoyed spending time with my honey, as today is our seven year anniversary. We talked a little about our dream wedding, the one whose date is known but not the year, haha. Those things are expensive! I would rather not wear a dress, but if I do I like the idea of a midevil style one. My Mom, the master seamstress, is of course the only person I would trust to make me a dress I would like. Anyway, as I've told people before, I'm married in my heart, and I don't need Uncle Sam's stamp of approval. I have the best friend in the universe, ultimate confidant, sweet, wonderful man who makes me feel safe and loved, all wrapped up in a gorgeous (and cute!) package, and I love him so much it makes me get a lil puddly in the eyeballs just thinkin about it. So cheers to you baby! I love you! Happy seven year anniversary and more to come, luck and joy on our life together.


Maggie said...

Happy Anniversary :)

Daddums said...

The skink is amazing. Reminds me of the ones you and your sister would find when we lived up on the mountain. I never saw one, or even knew what they were, until you showed them to me. Like so many other times you and your sis would teach me something new about the world.