Saturday, June 9, 2007

broken mugs and greasers

dear little upside down cake, troubles and woes you've got 'em
oh little upside down cake, your top is on your bottom
poor little upside down cake, your troubles never stop
because little upside down cake, your bottom's on your top!

roughly transcribed ode to an upside down cake, the reluctant dragon

radish so red
radish so red
sprinkle with salt
on the top of your head

Sir Giles

Aren't you glad I shared that? Apparently I watched that cartoon a few too many times when I was a kid. You know, I don't think I fully appreciated those poems when I was young, but now I really like them, especially the raddish one. Yeah yeah, it aint no award winner, but whatevah.

So I was thinking today about The Outsiders, a book I really should add to my favorites list. There's this one scene where these two girls are at a drive in, and one of the greasers hits on them by buying them cokes (ah, such innocent times, you think- if you didn't read it!) and one girl is all offended and dumps her coke in the guys lap, while the other girl is like, hey, free coke, nice. He doesn't get a date with either girl, but I have to say, I always identifed with the second girl.

And why did I start thinking about this anyway? Well, I was at work, and I was picturing coffee with a scoop of french vanilla ice cream in it, something to look forward to when I got home. And I started thinking about my poor broken coffee cup. I still use it, just the handle broke off. It's tall, and holds a cup and a half- yay! But it was a gift from my ex best friend, the one who robbed me and left me in Reno, not my biffle, or CommonLaw, obviously (I have several best friends. I was never able to have just one, never quite understood that idea). So if I was the coke dumper type of girl (Sherry, they called her Cherry) wouldn't I perhaps throw away the cup? Because an ex friend turned back stabber gave it to me? Heck no! It's a dang good coffee cup.

Oh, another thing I never understood... You can see that I watch movies and read books more than once apiece. Stephen King doesn't! I read his autobiography and he said he never reads books more than once! And that has really nagged at me. Doesn't he know a book is a present you can open again and again?!??

Anyhoo, I'm off to my ever so sinfully delicious coffee in a broken mug given me by theives. Cheers!



Hallo! I'm from argentina =P (i'd click next blog ... end up here)

liked your blooo (= -mostly the cat part-

mine is practicaly done... yesterday had an awful day, saved as draft all my posts... hope someday -some better humor day- will post

...mientras tanto

sorry , i have to work my english
post u soon

mum said...

thank you! little upside down cake is one of my favorite songs and i don't know many words to it and now i know more!

love you baby doll

daddums said...

You've always been a glass half full kinda person. I love the story and your take on it, on life. A cup given you by thieves, ha!