Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Death Comes Again

This morning when I went outside to greet the day Lilly came running up. My cats usually do, but this time there was some shuddering brown ball hanging from Lilly's mouth. I reached down to pet her and she dropped the prize in my hand. I don't know why a bird is the only live animal I'll touch with my bare hands, but I was hoping I could save it. I didn't see any wounds, and it was breathing, but after a minute it opened it's beak, tried to stand, and then fell over dead. It was really kinda sad. Lilly was a-meowin', so after I took a picture to share with you all (aren't you stoked?) I gave it back to her.

Wait, what? I gave it back to her?? I know, it seems kinda wrong, but she did earn it and I figured if she ate it it would at least not go to waste, you know, the whole circle of life and all. Pheonix was very interested and wanted to check it out too, but Lilly growled at him and he backed off. It was like my own live action nature show. Lilly tossed the corpse around for a while, then the meter reader came driving up and she got out of the road- only to have her toy squished flat. Then Clarence came along, ( I think it was him anyway) and had brunch. Yup, an hour later and there was no evidence left at all.

Look at Lilly, does she look like a vicious murderer as she reclines on the bench? Nah.

In other news...
It got up to 90 degrees today, after being 40 in the mornings and mid 70's in the afternoons. Summer is kickin in. I spent some time roasting in the garden today, moving pots around, finding new homes for the salamanders I had displaced. It was wonderful- until the neighbor turned their leaf blower on.

You will NEVER convince me that those things are anything but obnoxious evil disturbances. I don't care if you have two thousand square feet of driveway, those things should be outlawed. Not only are they incredibly peace disturbing, you're just moving dust and debris around, you're not actually getting rid of it. Along comes a breeze and whaddaya know, it's all right back where it started. Wouldn't sweeping it into a pile be better? Though again, I think wrapping biodegradable yard waste in plastic and throwing it away is also really dumb. Let's hear it for compost piles! Your car is going to blow leaves outta the main part anyway, whats a little collection in the corners?

Obviously, Better Homes and Garden is not banging down my door for an article. Come to think of it, neither is Cat Fancy. Humph.

Well, my glorious three day (with no dreaded 11 hour day as a reward) weekend is coming to an end. I reached many goals, one being to not even see the inside of a car (sorry lil brother). After 4 years of driving 18 hours a week, with no radio, stereo, or air conditioning, I loathe travel. It doesn't matter if I'm the passenger, or it's just a quick two minutes to the grocery store, if it's going to count as a vacation there will be no traveling. 18 hours a week! Driving! Had share the numbers again there. So if anyone has schematics for a tranporter, ala Star Trek, hook me up. Until then hermitgirl stays on the mountain. This explains the Netflix. Wait, we need beer. Oh, hooooonnnnneeeeeey....

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