Friday, June 15, 2007

At Last

I have learned the secret of garden patience. It's not easy, but if you really want to see progress, you have to ignore your garden for a whole day. It was hard, but look at the rewards. It's like all the plants were all, "Oh good! She's not looking! Grow!"

Yesterday was so infernally hot that hermitgrrl went to the beach. Where it was cold. Much too cold to get in the water, and so windy that our (mine and hubbies) shoes would blow away if we didn't half bury them. Little shards of sand stung our calves and ankles, and our faces when we sat down, so we dug some graves. Not really, but that's what it looked like. We dug deep trenches to lounge in, with walls on the wind side, which sort of worked. We gave up after only an hour or so. 100 degrees at home and 65 half hour away at the coast, can't there be a nice middle ground? Ok, that was whiney. I live in such a beautiful place I really shouldn't complain about such piddles. And today was 85, now 79, so very nice that I was able to get a hike in. I am so not hiking when it's 100 degrees. No picures of the beach for yas, didn't want to get my camera sandy. Probably a good thing with the wind driven projectiles. But here, have some more clematis.

Was that worth the wait or what???? I am really kind of a brown thumb, so when a plant in my garden actually blooms, I rate it as one of my success stories. Oh, and I credit CommonLaw with that photo... I think. We both took a lot of pictures at various times of the day. But I cropped the photo! Ha! The last one I took, and I know it sucks but I just wanted to show how deep the purple is. Okay, I had to check the time of photo and I took that second picture. (Sorry honey, but you're so good at taking pictures I gotta claim what I can.)

In other news, why am I such a dork? I needed a signature at work today. The lady and her kids were outside, so I walked up, hi, need a signatue, yada yada. Her arms were full of baby, so I was going to hold the parcel for her while I handed her the pen. She took both though, and I said "I can hold that for you", but she said, "no, that would be above and beyond the call of duty". I realized she thought I meant her baby, and I'm thinking, omg, you thought I called your baby a "THAT"??? EEk, I already hate small talk, and while she's struggling to get the signature down I'm getting a little tongue tied. Should I try to explain that I meant the parcel? No, it's too late for that. Then her daughter, a really cute little redhead, maybe 6 or so, comes up and says hi, so I say hi, and I tell her I like her dress, a flowery summer affair. Which I didn't actually think about liking or not, I just wanted to make the kid smile. And then the mom says "yeah, she's such a girlie girl. I'm so not". And me, all quick trying to be agreeable, I say, "me neither", and then I'm all worried that maybe I hurt the little girls feelings, like I was just being condescending about complimenting her or something. OMG am I totally neurotic? Now my armpits were starting to sweat, as they always do when I feel like I'm totally failing at a social situation, and thank god it was time to RUN AWAY, I mean, walk away, I had the signature and I could get back in my vehicle and squirm and wonder if the little girl was completely oblivious to my insane freak dorkiness, and if the mom thinks I refer to babies as "THAT".
No, I do not need to get out more. And why, mother nature, why? Why do you make damp stink come from my armpits when I get nervous? Do you think that really helps the situation?? Okay, since there's no salvaging myself from the freak dork category today, I'm going to add that I think my stink is kinda interesting. OMG don't worry!!! I DON"T expect others to be like minded and wear deoderant every day! Although, Lilly likes my smell. She dang near tries to climb right up in my armpit sometimes and it kills me I laugh so hard.
Okay, yes, sometimes I am painfully shy. Not always, but when I am, painful is the key word here. I read an interview with Josh Hartnett, 'cause he's hot, and he said he was shy. Um, no. No, you cannot be a famous actor and be shy, sorry, it just is not real shyness if you can get up in front of countless people and act.
Okay well that was some daily brain movement for you. Heehee I love bathroom humor. Bowel movement..? Yeah, I'm usually the only one to laugh at my jokes, it's okay, I'm used to it. The last time I laughed hard enough for tears to be ROLLING down my face was because of bathroom humor. I will spare you the specifics, but don't expect to always be so lucky. Thanks for reading my blog mummsish, and everyone else who feeds my ego, too :)) <--- look it's my double chin. Love you, Hermitgrrl

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Maggie said...

I get sweaty when I talk to people, too. At least it's usually just the armpits, which isn't too noticeable unless I start fidgeting with my hair, which I tend to do, which exposes the giant pit stains. I can't imagine how nice it must be to make small talk without sweating like a madwoman.