Tuesday, June 5, 2007


This is my Beta, name of Dagger. He has nothing to do with anything, he's just pretty. That sentence seems like it would normally be she and she's. Nevermind.

Okay I know other peoples dreams are boring! to listen too, so I will save you any pain and warn you that this is about a dream. There. You're warned.

Last night was my Sunday night, as I work tues- sat, and instead of insomnia I got the most terrifying nightmare I think I've had since I was eight. Like the last 20 years of losing the fear of darkness and other perks of growing up were completely stripped. It wasn't even so much what it was about as it was the all encompasing hold of it, the absolute belief that if you move IT will see you. I had completely forgotten that feeling of just laying there waiting for the sun to come up and save you. When I first at least partly woke up, stiff from fear, my back was to the room... !!!!! Always a no no after a nightmare. I was still half asleep though, and just fighting not to slip back into the dream. Little noises in the house, instead of assuring me that it was just a dream, somehow transformed into proof that IT had followed me.

IT was a horned, tailed, demon who was trying to posess me so it could continue it's murderous rampage, but while it waited for the stars to align to facilitate the takeover IT thought the two of us should have lunch. Onion bagels with peanut butter and honey. I admit it, I actually had to wake up CommonLaw to keep me company, I'm tellin ya, I was like a little kid. I couldn't even speak at first I was so scared IT would hear me and be real.

I wish I'd remembered the old trick for defeating nightmares that pretty much ended them for me. I would make friends with the monster. I should have suggested anchovy ice cream or something to go with our lunch. Ah the safety of the day time view. Still, I think I'd prefer the insomnia, but then again, I did at least get 4 and a half hours of sleep. Hallelujah.

P.S. 3 sprouts in the mystery pot!

P.P.S. I made it so anyone can post without having to make an account. All two of you. :P


Daddums said...

Holey Cow Hermit Girl! That's one nasty nightmare. It gave me shivers to think of what you must have been feeling. I'm really glad you wrote about it. Someimes writing after I've had especially disturbing dreams helps me understand them. Sometimes it takes a few days. I hope you rest peacefully tonight.

Anonymous said...

wellll, i tryed commenting b4 and tryed getting a pass word and google went belly up and then said blah blah blah so it dint work basically! and blech to technology!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

interesting you had a bad dream last night , me too ( or maybe it was sun night?) thou diff from yours and so did my friend sat or sun night, all of them were fear based, interesting.... would you like some more of the anti insommnia jazz i gave you b4? believe it or not i sleep with out meds a lot these days! love you And hold you in the night in my heart, mom

Anonymous said...

hi baby doll,

i loved this one! i see you got the buffalow shot glass! your writing is tres enjoyable' !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

love you, mom.... i tryed posting at the irish bomb place but couldn't on account of the Afore mentioned password "challange!" o i think i din't dot the correct circle thingy!