Thursday, June 7, 2007

Pick a plant, any plant

Ah, my garden. Home is my prozac, and sleep my zoloft. I actually woke up before my alarm this morning, fully rested at 5:30 am. And nasturtiums are my.. um... beer? Anyway, these tiny new leaves are smaller than a dime and I love them! Then we have the Mystery Plant, but those are just the seed leaves, a teaser really.

Today wasn't too bad at work, unlike yesterday, but even if it was an 11 hour day after a holiday I only have to sit in my garden for a few minutes before all negative thoughts have completely vanished. There must be some way I could bottle and sell it. Haha.

Music also helps release the evil clutches of work. Nothin like driving home with the windows down, great music blasting, the giddy urge to scream out "freedom!" and start giggling uncontrollably. My favorite song right now is "The Hurricane" by Bob Dylan. For some reason I'd never really heard it before. It is so good that it LITERALLY gives me goosebumps. The story, the violins, Dylan's strange pronunciations ("he coulda beee yiin the champion of the woouuaarld" ). Some things, like goosebumps from anything other than a purely physical reaction to cold, were something I always that of as just an expression. "Ooh I got goosebumps it was so eerie." But it really happens to me, and for some reason truly epic songs do it. So I had to put The Hurricane on my netflix list, because the song was written before Carter was freed, and I wanted to know the updated version of events. Hollywood is surely the best place to go for a history lesson, oui?

I'd link you all the song, but then I would have to be a savvy non noob.

I will have an "identify the mystery plant" contest when they get bigger. The award? A big round of applause! Just kidding. That always annoyed me when I was a kid. Okay, I will send the winner a copy of The Hurricane and some other goose bumpling songs. Hang in there.

P.S. Thanks to everyone for feeding my ego and reading my blog (brain's left over goo?). Love, Hermitgirl.

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Anonymous said...

little girl, i love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and am so glad you have the joy of your garden! yup yup yup, them and kitties and doggies, well all critters actually including human children are JOY! oh and of course MUSIC!

thank you for sharing your "brain dumps" mumsish