Monday, June 25, 2007

Freedom Files

I have a manila folder lovingly labled The Freedom Files. I worked on this project for roughly 3 years. It is the actual plans for my freedom from the rat race. Not my wishful dreams, the cold hard facts and numbers. I dug it out this weekend, because it had been on my mind lately, from its ignored place in a filing cabinet.

Unfortunatly it was incomplete, probably scattered through boxes from the last move. It was a very large file, involving charts and graphs that I kept on the wall above my desk. There was one of those thermometer style graphs where I would fill in a line a little higher each month as I added money to my savings account. There were indicator features which were marked as things like " buy land now" and "put in well" for when the color filled in to that level. At the top was the word "freedom".

I wish I could find the notebook filled with pages and pages of itemized projected expenditures. It had EVERYTHING. The cost of a solar system. The price per foot of well drilling, and estimated depths in areas I was looking at. The cost of materials for a small cabin, the types of foundations, the legal requirements in different states. I had pages of little things too, like shovels and ladders and fruit trees and a composting tiolet. Heehee. I had added it all up for the grand total price of freedom from renting and a job I hate. I would sell eggs, see, and whatever excess edibles I could grow. I would have a pond stocked with trout!

Last year was a bit of a rough one, so although The Freedom Files became scattered and lost, they were not forgotten. I still saved money when there was leftover at the end of the month. The dream is not dead.

Today I checked out fannie mae loan estimates, and house prices where I currently live. Apparently on my income, depending on interest rates of course, I can afford a max price home of $105,000. Joy! I guess if CommonLaw made as much as me that would put us at $210,000. Here's what else I found. Having dreams of acreage, I found a 100 sq ft cabin (not including the outhouse 100 feet down the hill) on 6 acres for $289,000. I also found a cabin not unlike the one we rent (although sans plumbing and paving) on 25 acres, only $425,000! I guess if we didn't want privacy there was the 2 bed 1 bath fixer upper in town for $415,000. That's pretty good, since the county average for a 2/1 is $650,000.

I'm so kidding! Not about the prices unfortunatly, but about actually wanting to slave at a job I hate for 30 years to not even afford a place with an OUTHOUSE. Yeah, oregon, here I come. Or maybe washington (state). That's where most of my Freedom File research was, where it's 1g an acre instead of 20- 50 thousand an acre. Not that I ever was deluded enough to think I would live here permanantly, it's just where I grew up. Yes, I think it's time to redraft the ol Freedom Chart and knuckle down to it. Please pass the Top Ramen.


Teryn said...

Wow, you're organized. Sounds just like what I've always wanted to do -- only I don't have a file. Just the dream. I'm missing the country in a big way right now!

hermitgrrl said...

You actually really helped me with the yurt stories... good to know they are loud in the rain! I'll stick with a cabin plan I think... :)