Saturday, June 16, 2007

baby deer and speed stick

Yesterday I almost cried watching a movie. Again. Yes, Bambi 2, the "midquel", takes place after his mom dies and before he grows up. Okay, I guess the fact that I would even watch Bambi 2 (not the kind of movie that makes it to theatres ya know) makes it not too suprising that I would get a lil puddly when a cartoon baby dear ALMOST DIES. Sometimes you just need a sweet happy good disney movie, when you're sad, or you just watched a scary movie and there's no way you'll be able to sleep. Except it wasn't so sweet when he ALMOST DIED. His DAD cried, and thats when things got blurry in the vision department for me. Poor little Thumper got a quivery lip and his eye twitched and he fainted at the thought of his best friend dying. That helped me laugh instead of cry, though you gotta be careful cuz sometimes laughing and crying are closer than you think. Hey, CommonLaw wiped his eyes, I SAW.
Anyhoo, I couldn't not check out my garden today, so the watched pot and all that. I took some photos today, though, and compared them to photos 13 days ago.

Cucumber babies then...

And today, and I sure hope I can actually get some vegetables outta them. I saw some grasshoppers the other day and was like, "how cool, I'll have herbivores and carnivores on a mini scale in my garden". Um, no. Now I just have holes in leaves from hungry grasshoppers! And I know the deer are out there eyeballin things!

This last one is the zuccini. Boy I hope I get to reap some of those. I loooove zuccini. It's one of those things I never appreciated as a kid, so it was like a hidden treasure when I finally gave it another chance. Mmmmm fried in buter. No wonder I'm carrying a few extra pounds around, butter. (The dictionary does not consider "a few" to be, umm 10. Okay 15.)
I looked and looked for a picture of me sans double chin but alas. Okay, I'm 5'7" and, being honest now, 155-160, don't have a scale so not sure. So I'm not really Ginormous but having been so skinny for the first 25 years has kinda thrown me off these last few years. (few, according to my awesome dictosaurus, is not many, 1 or 2, make it 3 for me) And I'm about to have something for dinner that calls for 3/4 pounds of cheese, half a cup of mayo, and 1 whole stick of butter. OMG, kicking self now.
Oh, and 1 last thing I thought of today that's kind of funny. I can be so shy, that one time, when I started playing World of Warcraft- lol I better explain a couple things here. 1, it's a mmorpg- massively multi player online game. So at any given time you are able to interact with thousands of other homebody geeks. 2, your "toon", the representation of you, can do cool stuff besides just gaming, social things like smile at somebody, dance, tell a joke, etc. These are real live people that you interact with, and, well... one waved at me. I KNOW. It was like, omg, they can SEE me. Like right through my computer!!!! I logged off immediatly.
Don't worry, I actually interact with cartoons AND real people on a daily basis. And the cartoon ones at least never make me sweat anymore.
Post script: I love that, post script, it sounds all fancy and kind of antique. :P And also, I'm just teasing myself here. Yeah, I can be shy, but luckily not even a majority of the time. It's the one good thing I got from the food service industry, actually; I had to talk to so many people, hundreds per hour, that most of my shyness really had no choice but to jump ship. I'd recomend it for young peeps struggling with being shy. And deoderant. Not saying young peeps are stinky! Lol, for the sweating nervousness lol. Okay way too much digression here, and my wicked dinner awaits.
Love, Hermitgrrl

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Maggie said...

My husband tried to get me to play Everquest once, and I freaked out because I wasn't sure which people were real and which were just in the game. I had to log off -- it was just too stressful :)
PS - He plays WoW now -- I feel it's safer just to watch over his shoulder.