Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Autumn Already?

I was just reaching for my beer while the photos were loading, and there was a GNAT in it! I spooned it out, and it is very much alive, now having drunken good times on the kitchen counter. Anyway, I watched An Inconvenient Truth today, and it took me about three hours to calm down. When I say I'm a tree hugger, I don't just mean green party, I mean, wrap my arms around the trunk and smash my cheek to it's bark. Have you hugged a tree today? Someday I may write a side blog, something like, "dark side of the mountains", or, more accurately, "dark side of the hermit". But for now, let me share with you what cheered me up right good. I went outside and walked around with my kittes, breathed in the warm evening.
There are sneaking signs of autum. Ain't this leaf gorgeous?? All opalescent and magical. Really just captivating. I love fall so much. Though the hundred degree weather told this leaf that the battle of the seasons isn't over yet. But far better than the colorful leaf previews is THIS, very soon to arrive, wonderful bounty.
Not Clarence, he's wonderful all year 'round! Let's zoom in a little.
Oh, Clarence, c'mon, show me what you have. I'm not going to take it! That's right, sweet darling. Such a good boy!
Yes, the season of acorns. These are the best toy ever!! Last year was our first autumn here, and we had no idea there is a three week hailstorm of these things Ka-BAMing off the roof. There was a solid layer of crushed 'corns on the street. The kitties LOVE chasing these, except for poor Lilly. She can be a little clumsy, mighty hunter though she is. And somehow these things always bounce right between her paws and smack her right in the nose! Poor darlin'! I'm going to collect a bucket full of these to save for the lean times of the year. There's only a few green ones here and there now, so I think I have a week or two. Kitties: they're like furry prozac. Same with nature. I wish you all beautiful leaves.
P.S. I can talk about my cats again right? Without being some crazy eccentric?? :P


daddums said...

Sound's like you'd better wear a hard hat in the coming weeks. You could borrow one of my bike helmets, but an acorn would probably get through the vents and whack you in the head. Oh well. Our pears are almost done. Same for the plums. It was a very good year, but it seems that they finish up a week or so earlier than before. Nothing scientific, just a feeling. Like you say, Autumn is standing in the wings. The days are already getting shorter...Here's to hugging trees until the bark dents your cheek. Last weekend, the Ponderosa Pines in the Sierra's were so fragrant, they almost knocked me off my was like riding through vanilla...every deep breath was sustenence

Teryn said...

I love fall. And kitties.

jill said...

Yeah autumn!! Yeah cats and fuzzy prozac! And a big YEAH for being a crazy eccentric! I love your posts.

Lindystar the HOR blogger said...

YAYYYY!!! Fall is my favorite time of year too! ABSOLUTE!

Do you ever take the dried acorn lids and do the whistle thing with them? I think I'll love that no matter how old I get.

And I'm a cat lady too so maybe I'm biased but I LIKE your kitty pictures. :)

CatNip Carlie said...

I love your page, or your blog. Not sure what the difference is but I'll learn in time.
I live out in the country in upstate NY, with 1 good man, and a slave to 13 cats and a bunch of ferals. I believe there is a sign in Catspeak that says "Go Here...Free Food and warm beds!" We are just entering winter here. Had a couple of inches of snow. It smells wonderful and for some reason there are still alot of leaves on the trees. They aren't the bright colors of Autumn at it's peak, they are more muted and mellow and I think almost more beautiful than the "peak" season.
I enjoyed reading you and looking at your pics. It's always nice to know there are still real people out there!
Happy T-Day!