Thursday, August 2, 2007

Trees and Stuff

Going through all my photos is certainly nostalgic, but it is also tedious. Mind numbing even. I do not want to title a photo ever again. And yeah, I love the forest, but hundreds of pictures like these? Maybe a bit much. Haha, I don't even have a printer. I guess if you're not a hermit you can take your memory card to a store and they will print all your pics for you, but I'm also a cheapskate.
Although, ink cartridges are WAY expensive. So for now I will just dump all my kitty and tree pics right in your lap :P haha. Wait! Come back! I will try to limit myself! I will tell you about the tick I found on my neck this morning! Aw crap now you're really gone. It was just a teeny tiny smaller than a flea one. I think Clarence drops the ones he doesn't want on my bed when I'm asleep. Okay, that's pretty gross. In other Clarence news, Mommydad nannyman is keeping the kittens well licked. They're still hoping he'll grow some milk but they're pretty much outta luck. I think I made my own ears bleed with the piercing squeals of cuteness factor 5000 that I couldn't help emitting.
Oh, and what was really cool today? There were swarms of butterflies up in the canopy. I think of butterflies as flowery meadow inhabitants, but I guess not neccessarily. I tried to take a picture, but they were so high up they were tiny 3 pixel dots of yellow. I now see the alure of different lenses. But dangit, there's that cheapskate thing again! Well, a fully employed partner would help. Guess what though? He got a job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Only 20 hours a week min. wage, but gad anything will help. Almost hit the 6 month mark and down 5g in savings. Ouch. Oh, and he brings home free sandwiches, and so that's like another hour of pay. Woot. Ooops, that wasn't very enthusiastic. Plus he's gonna kill me if he reads this 'cause he doesn't want me to blog about him. But hey, he's bringin' home dinner, and he keeps the house tidy, and it could be a lot worse. So yay baby! You go! Love ya!!
P.S. retaining wall on hiatus.

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