Monday, August 13, 2007

Ghouls and Goodies!

Jeeee hoe-suh-phats! Yes, I actually say that, haha. That's what I thought when I woke up yesterday and looked at the clock. Three red slashes clawing out the first half of the day. I did a double take, thinking it HAD to be eleven-eleven, not ONE eleven. Gasp! And then I had breakfast (lunch) at my Dad's house, and we talked the rest of the day away. It was great, but sheesh! Gonna be one of those over way too quick weekends.

Dad had a great story to tell me, well, one of many, that lead to some great ideas. It seems he has some friends who found an abandoned, distressed property, and by doing some research here, some legal consulting there, a little loan action, and they were able to buy the place for 25 grand in back taxes!! Holy smokes! As a fixed up place it's worth more than half a mil! My eyes are popping out of my skull and my exclamation key is wearing out!! SO, I am soooooo going to do more research on that haunted house two doors down! Oh my goodness, and I was reading in my garden today, and I heard all this banging around, like construction, coming from that very direction, and I thought, no way! I didn't want to go waltzing up the driveway to see if it really was that place that was the source of the noise, which now I think about it is DUMB because I could have had my curiosity allayed by simply talking to the people, but being a shy hermit DORK I didn't. Doh!

No, I had the brilliant idea of climbing up into the hills and approaching the place from the back woods, all sneakily like a spy. Jeez, it sounds even more ridiculous as I write this, ah well I'm laughing, albeit at myself. And I tell ya, it's like the haunted creepiness rolls out in waves from that house, so that even the forest feels different than the forest just 50 yards away at my house.

Seriously, it's been neglected for so long that the canopy is dense and ancient, and no fresh young saplings liven up the place with lime green leaves. The branches down low are dead and bony, and I cleared at least 20 cobwebs with my face. It was scarier than phantom mountain lions, the thoughts of zombies and ghouls. I saw an ancient, faded, half burried baseball cap and was dead certain, no pun intended, there would be a skeleton close by. There wasn't, but even the birds were silent, holding there breath in anticipation of some grisly discovery. And why are animated corpses more frightening than lions? The fear of the the unknown, I guess, the believable seeming safer. This is what happens when you read Dean Koontz all morning and then go exploring abandoned properties. Which, I discovered, was as forgotten as ever and not the source of the hammering. Having satisfied at least that question, I quickly returned to my own yard, throat parched from my silly overactive imagination, and so very grateful for my kitties having accompanied me.

Aaaah the sun, banisher of demons! And even with all the vibes from that place I am still going to persue it, because I'm sure a little feng shui would really perk the place up. And maybe an exorcism or two.

P.S. And holy jeehosafats criminently gasp!!! Teryn at Ten Minutes to Naptime picked me! Me? Me! A rockin' Rosie the Riveter blogger award! AH!!!!!! Now I have to actually learn how to make links so I can put Teryn's link here!! LOL!! Squirming with delight and probably blushing to high heaven!! EEEEK the joy!!!!! :D Well by golly I award her right back! Oh my this is better than ice cream in coffee after sleeping in and having new books to read. I have to go run around the house like a little kid now. 'Scuse me while I do that. While giggling. HEEEHEEE!!


Anonymous said...

you go girl! excellant essay and thank you teryn for enjoying lara as much as do and by golly daughter dear!!!!!!!!!! go for that property!!!!!!!!!!!! then when i'm old n peein my pants i'll come home to roost!!!!!!!

love you baby doll, mom

ginpin said...

hay lalalu.

i wanted to read teryn's blog so i thought i had to sign up in order to read her so i did and i think this is my name but not sure... Ramblings, Rumblings and Regurgitations or it could be notthecatsmeow oh dear! want to change my template too but have had enough of this absolutely restrictive up tight computer tecno-sheeeeet!!!!!!!!! love you, mom