Monday, August 27, 2007

M' Chair

This chair is really ugly, I know. But it's my favorite. I like it more than one I spent 400 dollars on. It IS relegatd to the porch right now, but that's only because of the one room cabin living space. My $500 loveseat (matches the $400 chair) is out there too. This ugly, circa 1970? yellow chair is just really dang comfortable, um, when there's an extra pillow on the seat and another extra one for your back. It needs a little reupholstery, sure. And re-padding. There may be mummified cat barf on the underside. But it's what's on the inside that counts. Not the cat barf, the frame. Barrel style, I think it's called, and I love it.

In fact, when my mom was selling her house, and everything was all moving chaos, I dumped this chair in the goodwill pile. 13 or so years in a place and you accumulate a lot of memories, but also a lot of junk. I was moving into a studio, smaller than my current 284 sq ft, and I was also moving out of my childhood home. Boxes and boxes of things that probably could have been saved, went in the give away pile. Then the move was all over, and I was in my very first rented place, well, that my Mom wasn't the landlord, or that wasn't on wheels in a friends yard for $200 a month. I had no car, but lived close enough to work that I could walk, and my first walk home to my new place passed a thrift store. And there was my chair. Dirty, stained, covered in cat fur: five dollars.

Holding back tears, I ran inside and paid for it, demanding a "sold" sign just in case someone might have designs on it. Like any one would, HA! But at that moment it symbolized saying good bye to the last in a procession of over twenty homes in my first two decades alive. It was good bye to the security of a place that really felt like mine. I went and got my bffl, fellow hermit who was less than amused, to drive his truck over and pick it up with me. I got some laughs for this, but I am so, so glad I got my chair back. Until I get my very own home that I never have to move from, I got my chair. Cat barf and all, chair sweet chair.


Anonymous said...

ahhhhhhhhhhh, i remember that story, veryv good one.... sometimes it seams life is just about giving things up, possessions, hopes, dreams, bodily funktions! LOL!!! (my right hand isn't working today and in major pain, poop) hope we can redo that chair for you some day! .. you can be the hands cuz i got the know how... love reading your blog, and love you! mumsish

Teryn said...

That's so nice. My Grampa had this big, green, furry chair -- very muppety -- that I would totally buy if I saw it at Goodwill.

Kev said...


I had a similar chair, although more of a rotten old couch that was left on the deck when we bought the place. I've since moved it into the far paddocks for usage when star gazing but now the lambs seem to be using it as a play thing and so I'll only likely regain ownership of the thing when they move on. So sad :(.