Saturday, August 11, 2007

Lovely Lilly and a Lichen Lapel

"Berry Turd on a Log with Lichen" Or maybe it's moss. I should really know this.

Haha, even nature turds are pretty. And look at this lichen/ moss clump here. I could wear that in my hair! (sans any turd action, of course) It's gorgeous. It could be a prom dates corsage! I could pin it to my lapel! (There is such a thing as reading too much. This is when you SEE words instead of hear them. I still remember when I was 8 and I asked my Dad how you say "triumphant". Well, with lapel I wasn't thinking before I spoke, and Mum and Brother clearly heard me, in my twenties even, say I was going to put it on my "lay-pull" like maple)

And always giving anything pretty a run for it's money, the lovely Lilly. Ooops. She yawned. This is how insanely spoiled she is: I leave my car window down on PURPOSE. Just for her. It's only until the kittens are spayed, and able to go outside, because until they vacate the cabin Lilly refuses to lay a toe inside, and I want her to be comfy. She only has to wait a few more weeks because we want it done by the time we hit Arizona in the beginning of september. Just wondering, why isn't there a pill for lady cats? There's birth control for FLEAS, for cryin' out loud. Best flea control on the market, I think. No nasty chemicals on my darlins' skin, and after a few cycles there's no mo' buggers. Then you're done! Expensive tho...anyhoo.

Last but not least, found Spence Jr upright when I got home today. Hangin' with Alfred the corydora. Isn't that a hilarious scientific name? I just call 'em catfish, but just in case anyone who knows this stuff is reading... (my honey). You know, Alfred had a best buddy cory, and they were inseperable, until Spot died. Maybe Alf n' Spence Jr will be bachelor buds?

'Cause I don't think Spence Jr plays for the other team like the other angels.


Teryn said...

Yay, Spence! He looks much better today -- still a little off center, but better. At least he's socializing -- I hear that's important.

Anonymous said...

hi baby doll, damn amazing bout your fish, life almost always wants to go on.... i think it is only humans that fantasize about wanting to curl up n die, but maybe your angel does too.... still way beautiful second spring here, gota go make some more tile, busy weekend... rather sleep.. zzzzz.... might make some laypulls in the near future too!

love you sweet one, mom

Anonymous said...

gosh lilly must be taking a break from being cute cus i just dont kno bout this pic , i mean i only heard one extream squeeel of joy that could crack glass this time!