Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Oh! You are sooo caught buddy!! Eating the kitties food, and, it looks like, finishing off my case of beer, too! Yeah, she was not impressed by my mountain paparazzi action. And I didn't have the heart to really try to scare her off 'cause she had a hurt paw. :( Is that a large woodland creature or what? Then my honey stormed out all arms a flyin' and loud voice a yellin', and when that didn't work, broom swingin'. And then the hose. I felt bad for the raccoon, but on the other hand, I don't want her eating my cats OR their food, or becoming human dependant. It's a tough world, ya know? Hard to balance compassion with "the right thing", whatever that is.

Except, for me, today was christmas in Jul- August. It was like all the lights were green, and the stars were aligned, and herds of butterflies descended from above. They did, too, all over my garden. One for every leaf, and sometimes two! It was so cool. I didn't have to work overtime, I got a present in the mail (!mom! thank you! I now have my very own bobbly head cat in my car's rear window heehee) and came home to a clean house, loving kitties, and the aforementioned flutterbys. I almost cried three times (!!!) 'cause I feel so incredibly spoiled and lucky to have peeps who care. Oh boy, I'm tearing up again! Must be something wrong with my eyes. And to top it all off, this:
Yes, that is ice cream in my coffee. The angels sang, and the cats danced in the moonlight, and the humans rejoiced, for Dad said, "let their be temperature controlled food", and there was. And there was loving family, and awesome friends, virtual world and physical, and I'm just so stoked I could pop.
Thanks, everyone.

P.S. OMG, the landlord even called, and it WASN'T anything bad! Holy wow! Maybe it's that meteor shower, all those shooting stars/ wishes from around the world and all different people... I hope they all got as lucky as me. Maybe I'll make one more wish, that Ms. Raccoon be healed.


daddums said...

Hey Hermitgirl,

Yea for ice cream in the coffee! I'm really really glad for your good day. May there be plenty of butterflies for the rest of the week. You deserve them.

I hope the racoons don't make the cat food a habit. A friend of mine once woke up to see a pair of racoon eyes at the bottom of his bed looking up at him. It came in through the cat door. They're cool creatures and I hope her paw heals, but I remember terrible fights that Roxie the Rotty would get into with them. A measure of caution is a good idea. (Not that I need to tell you.)


Her Grace said...

Is that a raccoon in your HOUSE? That would truly be a shocker!

When I was in college, we lived in town, but in a 100 year old house that hadn't been renovated in, oh, 100 years. One winter, the raccoons came to live in the walls. We could hear them bumping around at night and even feel them under our feet when we were upstairs.

Our landlord seemed unconcerned, but I was sure I was going to wake up with one of those new friends sitting in my bed one night!

Teryn said...

Sounds like a perfect day :)