Friday, August 3, 2007


Awww, he's sleeping with his mouth open!!

Look, he's so tuckered I can open his mouth even more and he doesn't wake up! Aaaww.

What the hell??!!!?

I'm soooo going there. It was worth it.

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Anonymous said...

tttttttttttoooooo cute! you used to do that to chupe too!

planted about 50ty plus trees this morning, 4 lilac bushes, 3 red bud and 10 or so irises before melo and pelo got up, they left today.... boo hooo and whannnnnnnnnnnnnn;

haven't had a chance to read your blog this week so am catching up.... i love all your pics of the kittys and trees n stuff....

speacking of toys; melodie and i spent about 2 hours on line last night looking at gi joe and trying to hunt down another of our favorites to no avail..... i still love toys!

and now i am very pooped and am gonna take a nap!

love you lala lu!!!!!!!!!! mom