Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Trees and Butter and Kittens, oh my!

Ok hell with it. I am embracing my love for trees, the photo taking part. Haha that's like tree-hugging my tree love. So what if you can't take a picture of the forest for the trees? It doesn't go that way, that saying, does it. Oh well, someday I will be a world renowned wild tree photographer, catching them in their natural setting, at repose and unaware of any human stalking. National Geographic will send me around the world for still footage, all expense paid, and the Smithsonion will have me as a well funded free-lance expert! Whew. Didn't some one say, if you're gonna dream, go big? Works for me.

Man, I got 2 rude gestures and one honk when driving yesterday, 'cause I had the right of way and apparently that really pisses people off, and guess what? All I saw was golden shiny fridge light. I smiled and waved, (okay, I did that 'cause secretly I hoped that would piss them off more, lol) and I'm still floating. Like my butter. Eeew. I almost wish I could push back the arrival date, because there is something so insanely awesome about have a guaranteed good thing in the future. I didn't even realize how hopelessly bleak and doom and gloom the future was starting to seem. Now, there's something concrete and positive coming, and jeeeez I sound like a whiner. I'm just relieved, that's the feeling. I'll leave it at that.

So CommonLaw didn't like the names Mildred and Mabel. He said they were too old lady, which was precisely why I liked them. They're antiqe and charming (gad I hope that's not offensive to old ladies, being antique, which to me means elegant and intricate and beautiful). Anyway, now the kittens are tenatively Sebastian (still a girl) and Anne. After little orphan Annie. Heehee. And Clarence is still Mommydad, and when he comes inside I say, "Aw, you've come to see your girls? Girls! Nannydad's here!" They come RUNNING!! Dun da dala dun!! With the stompity patter of clumsy kitten feet. My eyeball is bugging out with the cuteness. Lil' (stinky terd) angels!!


Jenn said...

Nothing quite like floating among the clouds of relief, is there?

Anonymous said...

sooooooooo glad you got a good thang to look forward to, yeah dad!!!!!!!!!

love you lala lu, mom

daddums said...

Hey Hermitgirl,

One of my favorite Buddhist monks talks about cultivating happiness in a way that makes some sense to me. He says (something to the effect) that when the world seems upside down, and you're irritable, and nothing makes sense. Imagine. Think back to the time when you had a toothache. Remember how bad it felt. How it made your life miserable, and it was all that you could think about. Now, stop for a minute and think about how good it feels not to have a toothache. Think, really feel, how nice it is not having your mouth hurt. Be glad for not having a toothache. Be thankful for your non-toothache.

I don't know why, but sometimes it works for me. It's hard when life is rushing past and there doesn't seem to be a moment to spare. Sometimes the thought just makes me smile, cause the exercise seems so silly, so simple. Maybe that's what it's about.

Sunday brunch? You name the time and the place. Of course, it's on me.

jill said...

I love the sentence, "one of my favorite Buddhist monks" in daddums comment. And also, a round of applause for your dad gifting you with, "I'll take what's in the very large box, Bob" a fridge. And you are so very right about there being something insanely awesome about having a guaranteed good thing in the future. It makes one want to order something small, like a personalized set of pencils from Lillian Vernon, and ask that they be delivered in October :)