Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Crazy Cat Lady

I'm not saying I have feces four feet deep in my house like a woman in the 'hood who was recently busted for having 83 cats. There IS a litterbox, but we clean it everyday because, well, living in a one room cabin how could you not? And as I mentioned, I very much look forward to the days when Sebastian and Maggie, yes, we FINALLY settled on their official-oh-crap-we're-keeping-them names, can s**t in the woods like bears. But there are these little signs that maybe I'm not... quite... your average kinda gal.

Things like my car. Tell tale Lilly prints, in the dust here...

...and in mud there. Little things that catch my eye when I'm driving, and instead of thinking how much I need to wash my car (I really really do) my breath catches, my chest feels funny, and a sloppy lopsided grin plasters itself to my face. I think to myself, "what a wonderful worl-" SCREEECH oops wrong thought, I think, "Man I love my kitties". Does anyone notice these things when they see my car and think, "whoah, cat lady" ? They might not have before, but I'm afraid the catmobile is now official: my rear window guardian.

OMG this toy was made in China! By Hasbro, not Mattel, but I guess that closes the deal. I can never touch it again, so it stays forever. Haha, like I would move it anyway. And besides, my honey stuck it there for me, so he did most of the touching of possible lead paint. I can't imagine plastic having lead paint on it, though. Whatever. I now wave my flag proudly. Crazy Cat Lady of the Mountains. Now I just need a good, raggedy, fur covered bathrobe to answer the door in.

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Daddums said...

That's the weirdest cat head I've ever seen. Definitely crazy.