Friday, August 17, 2007

Frontier Life

When I decided I wanted to "live off the fat of the land", it wasn't only for romantic escapeism. It's affordable! I've been reading about off the grid living for a few years, dreaming up ways of escaping the 9-5 (7-3). I actually discovered blogs only three months ago when I was googling "pioneer women", and found the truth about calf nuts instead. Renting a place with a yard, I'm finally able to practice some things, like growing food and wine making. Which is a dang good thing because if I had just quit my job, bought a chunk of land, some tools, seeds, and a chicken or two, I think I'd be pretty hungry right about now. And sober, haha. I'm afraid the wine has mold, so... I'll have to try again.

This is my first onion. The first piece of food I grew my very own self. It's a little bigger than a pea.

I have a hose. I can't imagine having to haul water or dig a well like the pioneers. Only one in three families made it, but for a free 160 acres, I would definitly try. Hey honey, put some water on, we're having onion soup. What? You can't taste anything? I put a whole onion in there! Back then spring was called starving time.
And seriously, are cucumbers supposed to do this? It's like one of those long skinny balloons, slowly inflating to it's full thickness at the stem end, still puny at the other end. Hey! No, there's no other food! Drink your onion water! This cucumber is mutated, I'll have to eat it and see if it's safe. Stay away! Yup, practice is a very good thing.


Her Grace said...

Our first garden try hasn't turned out so hot either. I love your little onion...perfectly formed, but so tiny!

Teryn said...

We had pretty decent success with our garden last year -- until some cows busted in and ate it. I definitely miss it this year -- why the heck am I living in town??

I agree, that is a perfectly beautiful little onion.

Lindystar the HOR blogger said...

Hahahah, oh lord :) The cuke is safe btw, it just didn't fully pollentate. Keep trying!