Thursday, August 9, 2007

One Dollar Question

Not million dollar question, just one: Would you pull a soggy floating dollar bill out of this puddle?

When my sister and I were kids, and supposed to being going to sleep, we'd ask each other hypothetical questions for hours and hours. The ones I remember most were something like, "If there were three presents, a big one, small, and medium, which would you choose?" Sister would answer, and questioner would make up what would be in the present she picked, then tell her what she missed out on by not picking the other ones. Ok, weird. We also looked through the glossy jewelry adds in the sunday paper, and would see which ones we "got", by which one had our initial by it. You know, the initial that corresponds picture to title and price... sometimes I think we stayed up past midnight giggling. Then when I lived with my sister AND brother, all of us in one room... well, I'm pretty sure we got some digruntled parents roaring in here and there, scaring us into quiet for... a few minutes. I wish I could go back, and be a better big sister, include my brother more (being younger by a bigger gap he got excluded a lot :(* ) not be such a *&%# to my sis as a teen. I was the oldest, and I think it went to my head. Well. At least they still love me. :P ... uh... right guys??

Anyway, the dollar question wasn't hypothetical. There WAS a dollar in this nastiferous puddle. And, it hasn't rained in months, I should add. Well, I was pulling onto a busy road when I saw it, so I couldn't just stop. My first response was, "money!" and then, "EEEEEW it's so not worth it". Of course, then I had hours to think about what a dollar could buy, and, I mean, I could WASH it. That's a free cup of coffee! So I got a stick, to fish it out, and went back. It was gone. I guess it was worth it to someone, more than to me. I really hope they found a stick though, 'cause that was some FUNK.

And, to balance out the gross picture:

I'm not sure if Mildred/ Sebastian/ Stinky terd was going to kill me, or the camera, but lil Mabel Anne smiled for the picture.
And then MSST went all cute and M.A. fell over backwards. I'm tellin ya, is there anything NOT cute about kittens? Oh yeah, duh. Sebastian's named after it.


Teryn said...

Yes, would absolutely go for the dollar -- probably without the stick.

Your kitten pictures are making me want a kitten. Darn cute.

Lindystar the HOR blogger said...

Hell yeah I'd get that dollar. I'd just fish something out of the back seat of my car to get it, straw, coat hanger, whatever. I'd let it air dry and call that beotch mine.

EEEEE what cute kitties.

Two Kids and a Husband said...

ahhhh sooo cute... we just got a new Black tabby kitty yesterday...poor thing hsn't been around kids before so right now...hes a little.... nervous (hasn't left under the couch yet...poor guy...

i will post some pics of him tonight once it gets quiet and i can bring him out without him being afraid....