Saturday, July 7, 2007


This planet is painfully beautiful. And this beer is really cool. I can't speak specifically for the beer on the right, because I haven't tasted it, but I like other beer by the Stone brewing company. The flagship is the Arrogant Bastard, a 10% alc. by vol. that says, right on the bottle, " It is quite doubtful that you have the taste or sophistication to be able to appreciate an ale of this quality and depth. We would suggest that you stick to safer and more familiar territory- maybe something with a multi-million dollar ad campaign aimed at convincing you it's made in a little brewery, or one that implies that their tasteless fizzy yellow beer will give you more sex appeal. Perhaps you think multi-million dollar ad campaigns make a beer taste better". Author's note: I have drunk (drank? drinken? lol) a lot of Red Dog in my day. It is like Budweiser, except not as well known.
Anyway, this one pictured is the Stone Vertical Epic (I threw the Gordon in there for size refrence). The Epic Ale is "bottle conditioned", desined to be opened after 2012. A beer that ages, how awesome is that? The brewer is releasing one batch every 13 months and 1 day, and today is batch 07.07.07. The bottle pictured is from may 5th, 2005, and I have one from the 04.04.04. release. I was too busy playing video games last summer to get the 06 one. D'oh! So this year I was going to be on top of it. I went to FIVE different stores and it was NOT IN STOCK!!! Finally, at the last store, the guy told me that since the Stone Brewery has no representatives that come to this area anymore, no one gets it! Gaspeth! I have hopes of purchasing some online, and I'm really just glad they didn't go out of business.
I have this curse, you see. I'm not talking about that damnable woman one. It's a curse that specifies, "whatever hermitgrrl determines to be her favorite, will stop being made". It's messed up. The perfect pair of jeans, that look good AND are comfortable... discontinued. Rasberry Cliff Bars? No more. White Rain shampoo and conditioner? Buh bye. The fajita wrap at taco bell???!!!???? Just stop, cruel world. So no Stone Brewery beer for 20 square miles, I can handle that, just let it EXIST.
Ok, random subject change. So I wanted to link this personality test, but being a tech noob... check out, thanks to Monkling, Anyway, I love all the ridiculous tests out there, rating one's self. Even ones like, "How big do your girlfriends really think you rear is?" Usually they don't tell me much I didn't already know, but this one surprised me quite a bit and that made it more interesting than most. Plus, I'm a giant egomaniac, so there ya go. One thing I found really weird is that out of 30,000 people, 94% ( I love numbers, heehee) have less belief than me in their power over their own lives. They belief in luck, chance, fate and/or a higher power having some large or small effect on the outcome of their lives. Interestin'. This was a long test, too, and intricate. And it rated me a "considerate idealist", which is probably the oposite of what I might have guessed. I mean, if I'M an idealist, that doesn't seem very hopeful for the world at large. Although, as Charlie Utter said, people rarely see us the same way we see ourselves.
So, if you wanna get all introspective and deep thoughty, check it out. And if you wanna toss a few back and enjoy Saturday, grab yourself an Arrogant Bastard. And when you pour a lil sip out for your homies, think of me ;)
P.S Whoah I did it! I rule! (the pictured link thingy)


Anonymous said...

honey chil, daughter o mine!

you can order arrogant bastard on line!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! how do you think us hicks out her in no where land get it!!!!!!!!!!!!! try the porter stout when you or more specifically CL wants a dark one....

so when you sendin that boy out here for a summer job??????????

love you, see you in sept... guess i better send you your intionerary as you don't read your e-0mauls opps that came out weird

love you, mum

Anonymous said...

hi again,

i did the "test" i'm a benevolent inventor! yo momma

hermitgrrl said...

lol mom u so funny. fun test, huh. interestin.