Sunday, July 29, 2007

Garden Fever

Okay, of course roses are pretty. This one is special though. Now, I personally would never have chosen pink. Pink anything, for that matter. Pink clothes, bedspreads, curtains, paint... I'm feeling a little woozy here. It's just not my color. Actually I chose my favorite color, when I was a lil kid and these things were important defining features, by asking my Mom what her favorite color was. I woke her from her nap for this pressing matter, and sleepily she mumbled "green". Green?!? I thought to myself. I was a 6 year old girl.
My favorite colors were pink, purple, and pale blue. Anything rainbow was great, too. I mean, all my barbies and My Little Ponies were pretty in those colors. But I worshiped my Mom. Still do, actually. So green it was. Wow. So that's why I'm a tomboy. Kidding! LOL. Anyway, ending my digression, this rose is special. 'Cause it's a fighter. I was so certain that it was dead that I dragged it off to the side of the yard and left it in the shade. The 24 square feet of sun we get is prime real estate, and I wasn't going to waste it on a rose whose leaves were turning lacy and yellow. I guess that's what it needed, was to just be left alone. Hmmm, sounds like some kinda life lesson there. I'd take free food and fussing everyday, but this rose is independant. And dang purty. It shot up four feet for this flower, and there's two more on the way. I moved it back to the main part of the garden, but I pretend not to notice it... until I go crazy mountain paparazzi on it!!! Haha!
My cucumbers also seem to be on some kind of "go your own way" trip. This one seems to be planning to go straight to pickle without stopping in cucumberdom. And this other one can't make up it's mind which way to grow. Must be a Pisces. Luckily no slugs or deer have discovered them, but I'm sure it's only a matter of time. I'm going to put some cayanne pepper on 'em, hope that works. My squash are putting out mad amounts of humungous blooms, but the flowers keep falling off :( so no veggies are growing. Little booger heads. I have a mind to just shove them off to the side of the garden and leave them to DIE. Wait... that might just work, huh. Heehee.
The vindictive gardener, haha. I'll show YOU, sweet pea!! And you there! Tomatoe! You didn't think I saw that, did ya! I have eyes in the back of my head you know! Maybe I'll bring out a cutting board, haha! Ooookay, stopping now. Who's for cocktails?


jill said...

I would love a cocktail! And I like the whole vindictive gardner angle. We have a new dog, although I'm not a dog person, and he ate a whole green pepper off the vine today. He's wrestling with a nasty case of the runs. Haha for him! And my sweet tiny pumpkin fell off. Darn. And mostly...I LOVE your pickle/cucumber picture.

Teryn said...

I had a fighter rose bush, too, at our yurt. I'm trying now to regrow her at our new house -- never liked roses much before I saw how tough that one was.

And, yes, a cocktail sounds good -- wait I guess 10 am's a little early -- in a little while, then :)

Lindystar the HOR blogger said...

Oh dear I like your blog a lot. You take great pictures and you save kitties and take great pictures of your kitties and you do hillibilly stuff and and and oh dear you almost made me go all watery eyed with the favorite color thing.

Honest to God when I was a little girl I shared with you the fav. colors of pink and purple - UNTIL the fateful day that I asked my Mom (I worship mine too:) what her fav. color was and she told me green. Green? Okeedokee green it was. And ever since. So I don't know, you just struck one hell of a familiar chord with me. Plus my Mom is a crazy super gardener so your garden stuff kind of brings me home.

Slug problem? Put out shallow dishes of milk before nightfall (I think my mom uses powdered milk w/water.) Honest to goodness every morning she will come out and have to empty out a bowl full of dead drown slugs. Ok so it kind of grosses ME out but not my Mom and it actually works.