Thursday, July 26, 2007


Pheonix and Lilly do NOT like the kittens. Clarence was not amused either, but he at least didn't hiss at them. Look at those babies. How could you not love them? I guess if they were daring to eat off MY food dish I'd be, mmm welll, okay I'd squeal at how cute they are. But I understand Lilly and Pheonix don't appreciate what they see as threats to their territory.
What's sad is that the kittens LOVE my cats. They want attention from the bigger kitties a LOT more than they want some nasty human loving them. Unless the human is offering a morsel of something tasty. Anyway, since Clarence doesn't make threatening noises at them, he's their favorite. Literally, they come running when he comes inside. And finally, an agreement was reached. Posterior regions were to be sniffed, at the same time, and everyone that was either a kitten or Clarence would get along. They proceeded to carry out the contract. And immediatly after, one kitten was nuzzling Clarence's belly looking for milk and he was licking her head. THE CUTENESS. I almost cried as she purred her little heart out and rubbed all over him and he licked her round lil head.
Now Mil and Mab, aka stinky terd and other terd (in the nicest possible way, of course- that's endearing... right?) meow at Clarence like he's their mom... dad... mommydad.
He eats with them, and they are happy. And I am just about to pop with the insane precious sweet adorableness of it all!!!!!! Now when I try to coax them out from under the bed, instead of offering tasty tidbits, I tell them if they come out I'll get Clarence for them. Uh, I did mention that cats understand me, right? We got past the you reaching for the strait jacket thing, I'm pretty sure. Really, we did. Shhhhhh. Just look at the kittens! They are cute!! I am not sneaking out the back door while you're distracted! Okay, I definitely gotta get more sleep. But isn't that the bestest fluffiest bunny thang ever? It makes my heart all big and stuff.


jill said...

I'm so happy you're back in blog-land!!! And three cheers for Clarence for coming through! Did you find out how to put links in your post?

Teryn said...

There you go making me want a kitten -- that is just too darn cute. Yay, Clarence!