Friday, July 20, 2007

Cuter than a...

I was begging Lilly to pose in the dig where the rock wall is going, to give an idea of scale, and she more than obliged. I forgot to take "chronicling" photos and just snapped away at this beauty instead.

I have a journal, somewhere, that I wrote in sporadically from age 15 to 21, and I wanted to share something I remember from it, but I can't find it! ARG! It was something like this: "Note to my future self- Be nice to the Frosh!" I was about to become a sophmore. Wise words, eh? I did however find my age 12 - 14 diary, and chose this stunning passage for you. Enjoy.

The Gray Scribble is about T and Sister being mean to me. Sigh. I can't wait till tomorrow. S and I are getting together for the first time in 4 months and I'm going to try some guM (ha ha). Sister and I just traded diary's to read. and I'm hungry. Sister, T, T, and I have the raddest fort in the backyard. We have a club, too, called AFC (adventure, fire, and carving). By the way, I'm NOT addicted to incense anymore.

Riveting. I bet you will be sleepless until the next installation. Mwuah ha ha. Good thing I kicked that incense habbit, eh? Imagine, ending up sleeping under bridges and bumming spare change for just one more powdery scented stick to light up. Whew. Also, the cover name for AFC was Arts, Fun, and Crafts. Because, you know, our parents surely wouldn't want us having adventures and carving sticks and well, for sure not the unsupervised campfire part. And the guM (as I kept the trancription pure), tune in next time!

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daddums said...

Dearest Hermitgirl,

It makes me smile to think of all the writing and drawing and creating plays you and S would occupy yourselves with. There was seldom a dull moment. I don't ever remember you saying you were bored. There was always a new adventure to be imagined, and recorded. I hope you find your other journal.