Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Egads I hate computers! But I love the internet. Hmmmm. Yes, I suddenly (4 days later) had this crazy idea: call my internet provider... GASP! The madness! The sponteneity (I'm not even going to look that word up). I'm like a LOOSE CANNON. Whew, sorry, giddy with internet access here. It seems my router is corrupting my modem. Offering cigarettes, and vodka in plastic bottles when I'm not looking. So much has happened in my tiny universe!! ( Obviously the computer problem getting solved is one thing heehee yay) Well, Saturday, I delivered a truckload of Harry Potter books... I swear, it was better than christmas!! The happiness! The smiles, the talk of a nation united in something good- I'm not kidding. One woman, mid forties-ish, I kid you not, could NOT stop giggling the entire time I was typing in the delivery confirmation number for her TWO copies. It made me feel pretty good, though. I wish all my days at work were so joy bringing.
I was pretty stressed about missing a delivery, though, cause you KNOW the ruckus woulda been raised if some one didn't get their book! LOL It was worth all the smiles. And then I decided the roof needed sweeping, see how littered it was? REAL exciting, I know. But I could only do the uphill side cuz the other side was too scary. And then I noticed that half of the roof is covered in such old shingles they're coated in moss, and I saw all the dust flying up and I thought, what if those are ASBESTOS shingles??!!?? And I got a huge adrenaline rush and broke out in sweat and got the heck down from there. So there's a big pile where I stopped. I'm such a hypochondriac. And scared of doctors. Great combo!
Then yesterday, there was a bird racket outside, and a baby learning to fly had been discovered by the kitties. I scooped it up, (sorry, didn't grab my camera) and tried to find it's nest, but I couldn't. So I strung an old hamster cage up, with the top open, and put it in there. I thought maybe it's parents could swoop down in... and... I donno. I didn't know what else to do. It died. :*( I was thinking how nature flows and predators cull the sick and weak and the herd is strengthened as a whole because of it. How this makes humans and their trophy hunting.. umm, WRONG. Hunt for food, ok, but taking the strongest/biggest ? Just to stick it's head on your wall? If we aren't going to reintroduce predators, it is human responsibilty to keep the herd strong, but that means doing it by nature's law ( I vote for wolves and cougars). But then I was wondering if trying to save a baby bird that made a mistake is wrong. Am I then saving the weak and weakening the flock? Hmmm.... Well, I can't not try to save a baby critter. Just can't turn my back. Nope. Sooo... Who's gonna rock me to sleep tonight?


daddums said...

Whoo Hoo Hermitgirl!

I'm so glad you are back online. Oh the wonders of this modern world.

Did you get a refrigerator yet? Give a call when you can. Let's talk.

Guess what. On my early morning bike ride in the hills above the West Side, near UCSC, I came upon... ... ... a strange large bobbed-tailed creature, slinking across Western Drive, near High Street. I slowed my descent as I got closer and could hardly believe my eyes. A young Bobcat. It stopped on the road, just as I stopped. We looked each other in the eye from just a few feet apart. A moment of silence, then a low snarly growl. It wasn't coming from me. Uh oh. I made my apologies, then continued on my way downhill. After a short distance, I had to turn back up the hill to look again. There was the magnificant beast, slowly walking back into the woods. It stopped for a moment to look back at me. I smiled. Perhaps we both did, before going on with our days.

What a way to greet the day.


Teryn said...

Glad you're back!