Tuesday, July 3, 2007

P in a Tree

This picture pretty much makes me roll on the floor laughing. He is just so dang cute with his big eyes, perhaps questioning why I am sneaking up to take pictures of his posterior. I didn't know the cats still climbed this tree. It use to be the main highway for leaping to the roof, until one of them broke the corrugated plastic, ruining the launchpad/ landing zone. It was also the tree that my clematis was unsuccessful in navigating due to aforementioned usage. But I went outside and heard a little mew of greeting and there was Pheonix for all the world proclaiming the comfort of lying on some nice hard branches.
Cuter than a terd, as CL would say. I appologize for that, but I hold the truth as higher than politeness and courtesy, which are two things I hold very high indeed... truth be told. And the truth is, that's what CommonLaw says. I have no idea how this little saying got started, but it's a pretty daily hearing around here. How cute is Clarence? Cuter than an orange terd! Aaaaand now I have succeeded in disgusting my own self. How's the weather? Hot and stuffy here, a little over 90 today, but it felt hotter. Tomorrow is a holiday ( happy independence day everyone! ) and supposed to be just as hot. I'm sure the parched grasses and draught water limits are an excellent combination with fiery explosions of flames and sparks. :D I got a fresh block of ice today for our "fridge", I'm not sure if any stores will be open tomorrow. For two dollars you can get a 6"x6"x10" chunk of ice that takes almost four days to melt.
There's a parade in town at 10 tomorrow, it might be cool to hike up to the ridge and watch from an eagle's perspective. Contrary to all the crap I get at work, yes, I do leave my "hole" occasionally. My coworkers are so endearing aren't they? Of course, I would only be going out into the back forest, heh heh. And I doubt we will head further out for fireworks, with CL unemployed he can't pay for car insurance and I've mentioned my joy for driving... when I don't... have... to... Anyhoo, thursday shouldn't be too awful at work, monday holidays are USUALLY much worse, but then again, I wouldn't want to build myself up for an unpleasant suprise. Still, come a ten hour day or not, I am going to ENJOY having tomorrow off. Two day weekends are just not long enough. So many kitties to fawn over, so little time.


Anonymous said...

hi baby dool,

we have internet again so now i get to go back and read volumes of your writing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

send john out here and he can have a good job now!

i think pheenies butt photo is contest worthy, excellent!!!!!!!!!!
love you!!!!!!!!!!!!! mumsish

Anonymous said...

hi again baby doll (sorry bout the dool!) i wrote comments on a bunch of yur past blogs as i haven't been able to access them for about 3 plus weeks.... that is how long it took the phone co to fix the chopped cable! (long story) any who read on.......

much love, mom

Daddums said...

Hey Hermitgirl,
Those are some pretty darn cute photos of some pretty darn cute kitties. Aaahh.

Rode up the old training staple - my friend and yours, Alba Road - today. Thought of you, and was glad for your day off. Did you say HOT. Whewf, as you and your sis used to say. I was glad for the cooler descent to the coast. Sitting in Davenport, sipping my late, eatin' a blueberry muffin, before peddlin' back up to Bonny Doon and home. Thinkn' of you and your sis again. All the times we drove up and over that mountain - singing songs, listening to NPR puzzle shows, on the way to and from breakfast, the beach, whale watching (AKA napping in the grass on the cliffs), just generally having too much fun. Miss you. Hugs. Love always.

hermitgrrl said...

LOL sheesh mom that sux! Glad you'e back online!

hermitgrrl said...

Yeah I could go fer a nap in the dunes... don't know about hitting up alba in this heat tho are ya crazy?? lol