Tuesday, July 31, 2007

My Boy

I went hiking with my boy this weekend, just the two of us. Lilly wanted to stay and sun herself in the garden, and Clarence was off prowling the neighborhood somewhere. Of course, after we left, Lilly changed her mind and, I was told, meowed sadly at the mountain for quite awhile. But it was nice to have some one on one time. Instead of running all over and leaping out of bushes to scare the crap out of his sister, a game that never gets old, he kept almost tripping me up with his swirling around my legs.

At the ridge I found a nice spot with a view, and he impatiently climbed into my lap. We sat there and felt the perfect 75 degree breeze and listened to the leaves rustle. I swear, I need to bottle the essence of the forest. And Pheonix. Wait, no. Eeew. Anyway, maybe I could just package up the pinecones, sell 'em as zen bombs. Pheonix loves to play catch the pinecone, but we just sat and, well, catnapped. A half hour passed and I rousted myself to hike a little more, but Pheonix started demanding that we return home, probably missing his sister. They're best buddies :) ... except when they are hunter and prey. Lilly got Pheonix pretty good the other day, he floofed right up! Haha.
And THEN... I discovered... how to transefer my pictures from my old computer to my new one ("new"= the one I've had for a year and a half, Mom's super awesome gift of her Mac she didn't use). And it's about time I got all my kitties baby pics updated and photoshopped and stuff. IS PHEONIX CUTE OR WHAT???!!!???? Oh boy. Oh boy oh boy oh boy. Are you all in for it now. I have ten million, five hundred eighty six, nine hundred twenty three pictures. Of my cats. HAHAHAHAAAHAA. Whew. Can you imagine what it's gonna be like when I have HUMAN kids?!?? Run. Run in terror. Save yourself!!!

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Anonymous said...

wonderful pic of pheeny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

mom the anonymous.... too brain to want to figure out conmputer autonomy at this point.....

love you!!!!!!!!!!!