Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Double Update

I have found the kitten. Mabel, the more shy one, of course. Hard to tell them apart when I don't have them side by side for comparison. Found, but not got. I have been trying since I got up this morning, bribes, sneaking, jingley toys, begging and pleading. I took today off because last week I was about ready to quit after determining that I deseve and am not getting a work environment where I can feel safe and not threatened. I felt a three day weekend would stop me from quitting and then being unable to pay the rent.
Turns out I needed today off for more important reasons such as failing to rescue kitten. I even considered calling the fire department, HA! But they're more for treed cats, right Dad? With the ladders and all? I have not yet crawled under the house, because 1. I wouldn't even fit under the part where she's crying and 2. I think I'd need more than one other person to head her off and/or snatch her up. Truly my lack of crawling has nothing to do with, well you see the picture. What IS that unique dirt that is found only under houses? It's like super fine dust concentrate/ dirt powder. With cobwebs, and black widows, and brown recluses. Oh jeez now I'm even more worried for the kitten. Lilly is only pretending to be worried, she is actually chortling madly to herself and trying to hide it.
She has no love for throne usurpers; after two years she still barely tolerates our red headed stepchild, Clarence. Funny thing, though, the closest I got Mabel to come to the edge of the house was when Pheonix and Clarence were swarming around me, fascinated by my laying in the dirt making love calls. The kittens trust cats who hiss at them more than humans who feed them. Humph. Well, I left water and food for her, though CommonLaw thinks maybe we should not leave food, so that she'll be so hungry she'll come eat regardless of humans standing at the ready. Mildred has needed much comforting, as they can hear each other and wail and wail. Occasionally, though, food and string are more important and things are quiet.
Oh. And the wine. You know it can't be good when your partner walks by, looks, and says, "EEEEEW, what IS THAT??" "Um, it's the yeast, making bubbles". I totally made that up on the spur of the moment heh heh. It DID look pretty scary, but I stirred it gently, just the top few inches, as per instructions. It is supposed to smell "yeasty" (???) which, actually, it did! But it looks way too gross to share with you all. Hmm, and I still have no cheesecloth... can I just use, um, a t-shirt? A thin one maybe? Well, I have at least a day to figure that out.
The crying has recommenced. This is much harder with a feral kitten. Where is Cesar Millan? For cats?


Teryn said...

Glad you found Mabel -- hope you get her out soon!

daddums said...


Nothin' wrong with a bleeding heart, septin that it hurts more often than some others. Nothin' stupid about it either. It just means you care.

Good luck with your wine.