Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Shout out to my Bffl

Got high with Pheonix today. In the sun. In my garden. Yeah, sunlight makes you euphoric. I heard it on NPR so it has to be true. They also said that's why people get literally addicted to tanning boothes. It's the euphoria, man. I have noticed that a half hour or more will pass by while I'm doing nothing but sit on me arse in the sun, when it seems more like five minutes.
Also, sitting in the sun makes vitamin D. I think it's so cool that there's one thing we need that we make like plants. Speaking of plants, my squash is lookin rather rockin'. I heard that even if you grow just one squash, you'll have so may veggies that you'll be slipping them into strangers' bags 'cause you can't give 'em away or eat any more. Which is great because I plan to put my squash eating capabillities to the test. Fried in butter. MMMM. I have been thinking of my Bffl all day, and there he is again! He grew some squash, and gave me some. YUM. I wish I'd planted more food, actually, now that we are so broke. I had aproached it as a hobby/ learning experience, like your typical spoiled American. Well, live and learn. Right now I'm cooking some Chicken Helper... with a can of tuna instead of chicken, and some peas to flesh it out. Also, not having refridgeration, I have been keeping soy milk on hand, so substituting that for the milk. Another nod to my Bffl... it was he that pointed out how awesome it is that soymilk needs no fridge until you open it. So far though, my cooking smells sorta... gross... lol. Mmmm, boiled soymilk. I kinda miss the days when I was a vegetarian and so was my Bffl and we lived in walking distance. Drove by the old 'hood today and reminisced. And who put The Police on??? Jeez, make a hermit all maudlin. If you're out there, Bffl, I miss ya.

Oh yeah, and I had to leave my high inducing sun and garden because the teen next door decided blasting The Offspring and practicing skateboard manuevers was a great way to spend his summer vacation... Now, I love a man who skates, and I grooved to The Offspring when they came out and I was in highschool... I think it was headbanged, actually, not "grooved", but it was a long day and I wanted nature's quiet... And then I felt REALLY OLD. So I came in and bumped some Sean Paul, 36Mafia, 50cent, and Genesis. WTH?!!?? How did that get in there?? Simon and Garfunkle?? Must be a misprint.

PS The, ah, "food" is.. not good. But not horrible, and I am very hungry, so I am scarfing it. Actually, it smells worse than it tastes. And that's a good thing lol.


Anonymous said...

hay lil' girl

you can still send john out here to work for a few months and he has a place to live rent free.....

sorry your food is scanky and your neighbor a self centered teen ager...he'll out grow it, almost all of us did / do

love and miss you, mom

Anonymous said...

ps hi to the BFFl, we all know who you are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

miss and love you, ginny aka goddamn muthu f-n butch!!!!!!!!!!!!