Friday, July 6, 2007

The Day is Saved!

Passing times of melancholy, the woe aflicts us all. Witness Pheonix, turning his tail to the mean mean world to seek solace in his own secret hideaway. Which my Honey promptly descended upon like a mountain hermit paparazzi, capturing the angst in this timeless photo. I should have made it black and white. Oh, the woe, the woe. Now that word sounds weird.
And what is it about Pheonix's rear that inspires one to grab for the camera? A question for the ages. Meanwhile, unaware of Pheonix's despondency, I was practically cheating on him. Yes, my day started the best way a day can: with kittens!!!! A coworker and I feed the feral cats out behind the office, and we've managed to catch and nueter/ spay all but one. She had kittens, several which have been adopted and tamed, but there are two left. I've been trying to get them used to me, sitting by the food bowl when they eat, but they are darn skittish. Today, however, when I called my with my kitty noises, they came tearing down the alley DUN DA DUN so fast that one crashed right into me and the other over shot the food bowl by about 4 feet and had to turn around and come back. If that wasn't cute enough, one let me pet it while it was eating, though the other was all, "WTH?!? Don't touch me!" I think I can get the first one in a home soon. :)
Pheonix had cheered up by the time I got home, and came out to nibble some nasturtiums. I think he read the seed packet, where it says you can put the leaves and flowers in salads. Little booger. But what's a chewed leaf or three when the VERY FIRST flower bloomed? THE JOY! It looks like there's going to be many more soon, but this one is special. I only took about twelve or thirteen pictures of it. Heehee!! Clarence offered up some poses, not wanting me to forget who my real lil beauties are. And Lilly chewed on on my camera strap while I was shooting, leaving her slobber to show her love. Could I be any more lucky? CommonLaw is trying to convince me that WE should take in the feral kittens, but I'm pretty sure we have the perfect family. Someday we'll probably add some furless kids to the mix, and a dog (interviewed by the cats first, of course), and while I'm hoping here, don't forget the cabin on 20 acres.
Oh, and today, at work, a high up exec came to our office to take care of some of the important stuff only BossLady does, since she's out. Like paychecks- unlike one guy who swears he's in it for the glory, I'm there for the cold hard cash. And Ignoramus from yesterday had apparently filed a formal complaint against me- did I mention that Ignoramus did my same job for 44 years? which is why he thought he could tell me why I was wrong and a little moron etc (at least I'm not a BIG one, sheesh! plus you think he might have a lil compassion having been on the inside) and so exec lady comes to talk to me. Then she checks out the whole thing. And then she calls back Ignoramus, as per a formal complaint requires.
And then she comes to tell me she wouldn't have let him off as easy as I did. WOOT! I win!! Heeheehaahaahaaaa mwaaahaaahaaaa! Ahem. S'cuse the outburst. Nice day, huh? ;)
P.S. Thanks my peeps for totally awesomeness and caring. Thank you thank you, you made me get a lil pudly :*)
P.P.S I wrote this before I checked my comments so pardon my playing on the word woe, dad, lol


daddums said...

Way to go Hermitgirl! You rule! The truth prevails.

I forgot to mention last night (or was it this morning in the wee wee insomnia hours?) that I was watching Deadwood too last night - a funny sort of distraction. The thought occurs that all those nasty ones are just 'hoople heads'. Sorta lost and can't find their way. Maybe it's not their fault that they are uncaring idiots. They just were never given the tools, or they didn't have the courage or intelligence to look inside and find the true source of their own discontentment.

Way, way to go, h-girl.

Teryn said...

Love it when kitties sit with their back legs all froggy like that -- silly things!

Congratulations on not being a big moron! :) I think a lot of customers could use a big ole slap on the forehead.

Rodrigo said...

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hermitgrrl said...

Lol yeah

aaaand so not bilingual lol

Anonymous said...

hi baby doll,

touche' on head hancho support!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the days of the customer is always right are gone forever cuz customers are limitless and butt heads are gonna be left out, ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and i beg to differ rubbo, it is their fault they are uncaring idyets!!!!!!!!!!!!!!