Saturday, July 14, 2007

Spiky green, er... and wine!

There's a little spiky green turd on my cucumber plant!! Terd... turd? Who woulda ever guessed it's not in the dictionary?!? Ok, I just used up my quota on that word for a few... but I find that description less eeek than caterpillar, which it also looks like. But wait! That's not the point! There are cucumbers growing!! Woohoo! And my squash are flowering so prettily. I had no idea the flowers would be so big! So cool.
Oh yeah, and the tomatoes just sprouted yesterday! I wasn't sure (still not) how they'll do here, so I wanted to make sure we were dead into summer, since they don't like it cool. It was a random mix of seeds, all small "salad" varieties, like light bulb (no idea what they're really called) and cherry.

Jeez, and if I thought this was too hard on the patience, I took the first step towards the wine making. That is months minimum. I got the containers, though, and tubing. Tomorrow I'm going to make a "air lock" thingy. I'm just using plastic containers -sounds so wrong! won't the plastic "flavor" leach?- but that's what the guy whose recipe I'm following uses. He uses old milk containers! Weird! But he's a homesteader type, and it's all about being frugal. So I'm going to drill a hole in the lid, and stick a tube in it- was thinking of melting the plastic a little bit to perfect the seal, but ug! Sounds toxic. The homesteader dude uses candle wax to seal the tube to the lid, plus the lid to the container. I guess that way it's not permanant.
'Cause then, after two weeks, there's some kind of, uh, siphoning. Or something. I read it several times, but it was only a couple pages. Do I need something more in-depth? NAAAAAAH! It's all about experimenting and experiencing! Heehee. Tomorrow I'm gonna also go pick a bunch of plums and blackberries- I'm gonna try two kinds of wine. Oh, and I need a loincloth- er, cheesecloth or muslin to strain it. Or I could do the loincloth dance and squish the fruit with my toes! Then it would really taste authentic! Or like feet! :D
I'll take lotsa pictures so I can chronicle my trials... except for the loincloth ones.

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Anonymous said...

222222222222 funny! i like the loin cloth idea! how ya doin? me very sleepy, work has been very challanging, guess it is time for the nightly movie, tata for now, mum