Sunday, July 8, 2007

Operation Kitten Lift

I got up early today, weekend-wise, because my body didn't get the memo to sleep in. Which is probably a good thing anyway because I was dreaming about zombie armaggedon. Yeah, according to the test, see my lil thingy over there, I'm only 50% zombie proof. Which is lame because in my dreams I'm always at least 75%. But that test... it ruined my zombie slayer prowess! Crap!
Now I need to learn to make explosives and leave the weak behind so I can have my nightmares with some triumph. Anyway... taking advantage of the early hour, I went hiking in the cool- wait. Strike that, I went following Pheonix on a wild goose chase, my primary duty being to clear the cobwebs in advance.. with my face. Still, we found some breathtaking veiws and some fascinating smells. I didn't get what was so great about the stick, but Clarence was practically drooling on it. Smelled like a piece of tree to me. Oh, and we went by the place where the Gammorc lives (no idea how you spell that, you know, the left hand of The Nothing, Neverending Story? My sister's personal nightmare demon from hell for a large part of her childhood, and it turns out, fairly traumatizing for CommonLaw as well.) That "den-ish" clump of debris is pitch black in the center, and it gives me the willies just standing near it. Yeek!
Then it was time for Operation Kitty Lift. I went to work, which is closed on sunday, completely prepared.. or so I thought. Turns out the entire parking lot had just been paved, and my access was hindered. Cleared that hurtle, I then had to shoo one cat that was scaring the kittens, without scaring the kittens, which, well, big sweeping arm movements don't do it. That just freaks out everybody. Still, I managed, and finally had the kittens eating, with mama cat. I knew I had to get them both at the EXACT same time, or the secong one would be too traumatized to ever let me near it again. This was a no glich allowed procedure. Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible has nothing on me. I managed to grab both kittens at once, drop them in the carrier, and close it up tight before they bolted like mad tazmanian devils up into my face and then out and gone forever. And not a scratch on me. Poor little things.
They were terrified, which I hadn't realized would make me feel so bad. I felt like the worst kind of baby snatcher, stealing them from their mother's love forever :( But I know I had to do it. Previous litters have grown big, been trapped, and then killed because they are totally not adoptable, feral as they are. So these two will learn that humans can give love AND food, and in the long run they will be incredibly better off. Still felt sad. And then I was running through Razorfen Downs and I got the ultimate swank pally helm and I whooped with joy, briefly forgetting that we have KITTENS that we are trying to put at EASE here. Whoops. Is there a special place in hell just for me? Naaaaaah.


Teryn said...

It's hard taking kittens away from their mommies -- yay for the rescue, though! They're cute -- why do they always want to sit in the food bowl?

So, do you have internet (but no refrigerator :) at your house? I lived in a yurt with DSL, so I always wonder what kind of set up other frontier people have.

hermitgrrl said...

yup, dsl, no fridge lol. i got my priorities down. so far the only annoying thing is storing leftovers... okay and getting ice every other day... not nearly as tough as i imagined tho...oh yeah, no ice cream for my coffee! hmmm thats three things..
still i'll take the no fridge over no water heater anyday!