Thursday, July 12, 2007

I love people

Is that the most beautiful feather you have ever seen or what??? I could not believe it. I saw it fluttering on the side of the road and hesitated for a split second before I stopped and got it. I am so glad I did. It's just fantastic. Amazing. A gift. And of course, being me, bird mites and avian flu crossed my mind, but that wasn't until later, and anyway those things don't worry me. I just think them for some reason, and then move on.
I also thought about how legally you're not supposed to keep feathers you find. But it's my religion!! I practice nature reverence! I thought the law only applied topredator bird feathers, because it's illegal to kill hawks and eagles and stuff, and having a feather might mean you had done such an evil thing. But it turns out that ANY feather, blue jay, sparrow, crow, hawk... something to do with not messing up the ecosystem's natural habbits. Feathers should lie where they would have if not for humans, I guess. Drive a hummer, use paper plates, styrofoam cups, plastic single use bags... but for god's sake don't pick up a pretty feather because you might harm the environment!!!!! You could be fined and have it confiscated! I didn't... I swear...
Anyway, so today one of my customers yelled at my coworker because I wasn't there for the honor, and I guess who really cares WHO you yell at. I just wonder when it became socially acceptable that if you have a problem OF COURSE the solution is to start screaming at random strangers. Why exactly do people feel that that is their right? That they are entitled to special treatment and yet can treat every one else like crap? When ANYONE has a problem, this should be the approach: spoken calmy, " Hi, I have a problem. Could you help me?" Response: "Absolutely. Let's work this out." WTH happened to politeness and courtesy???

TWICE this week I was on a one lane road, and the car in front of me stopped. And proceeded to talk to a person on the side of the road. When there was a pullout available, that I couldn't reach to go around, and they did not use. For several minutes, not just a "I'm lost" thing, a "Hey! I haven't seen you in years! How's the wife? Kids?" And one person proceeded to PARK their vehicle WHERE it was and walk over to say hi to their friend's dog. I waited patiently. They gave me a dirty look. And I did not honk, or start screaming. They finally moved. And after work, when I stopped for groceries and some books, (five for $2.50 at the thrift store :D yay) I was nice and friendly to every one I spoke to, and smiled at every pedestrian in the parking lots as I waited patiently to pull out. I am not a saint. What I have learned is that 1. jerks WANT you to be unhappy like they are and they won't get that satisfaction from me, (or at least, I won't let then KNOW how much they affected my day) and 2. you never know who is going to beat the crap out of you for sticking up for yourself. This didn't happen to me personally, but more than once to various people I know. You can't choose your beliefs, and I will always believe in treating others how I want to be treated. Not that I would put others IN these situations in the FIRST place. I'm not living in fear, I'm putting safety before temper, and courtesy above all. Too much, probably, but I can't change that any more than I could start drinking gin and tonic instead of beer heeeheeeeehahaaha.

And don't worry, I let out a steady stream of expletive laden sentences for at least 5 minutes nonstop when I got home. At high volume. :P Hope I didn't just wipe my yucky experiences right in your lap. Just think about the feather, gift from a bird that lives wild and free, and all the reading I get to do now. That's what I'm gonna think about. Thanks fer lettin' me share.


daddums said...

Thank you Hermitgirl,

More sense and wisdom, and beauty.

What a lovely feather. Lucky you. We've been listening to 2 immature Red-Shouldered Hawks (Buteo Lineatus) along the river. On Sunday, I got to see them both, sitting in the trees with their downy feathers and mussed-looking dews. I sat on the bank of the river with my binoculars, just studying their movements. One male and one female. I think they were just out of the nest, complaining loudly for day after day. Kew! Kew! Kew! Incessant, almost to the point of annoying. Then when I didn't hear them for a few days I was sad. This morning, very early just before dawn they were back. We'd left the door open all night, hoping to hear them again.

In the midst of the toil and trouble of modern life, it's especially comforting to be in the presense of such pure wild life.


daddums said...

Oh yeah, people. I had one of those screamers today. Almost bought into the fight. Then just let him prattle on. I think he finally wore himself out, or just realized it was futle trying to pick a (verbal) fight with me. Once in a while, a small measure of wisdom prevails.

Teryn said...

Ick -- people (sometimes). I'm not sure what people think they gain by being jerks -- maybe someday politeness and courtesy will catch on :)

Lovely feather -- it's really illegal to pick them up?? I had no idea ....

jilliebug said...

Hermitgirl! I love your blog. It's me, jill, from a million years ago. Your dad sent me your blog address. You rock! It's weird....I both love and abhor people at the same time. Same with the world. I both treasure and rue every minute. One really made me happy to read your writing. It's amazing to see how beautiful someone you knew when they were eight turns out to be.

hermitgrrl said...

daddums- insanely awesome!!!! so glad they came back :)
teryn- I know, crazy huh?!?
jilliebug-wow! kool! and ty :)

Two Kids and a Husband said...

This is what I have been trying to get my husband to understand for years because he is very quick to honk, yell and get upset. I work in Customer Service for a big telecommunications company...and i am here to tell you, you attract more bees with hunny. I can't tell you the amount of people who call in screaming about something either really small or something that was their fault to begin with... and I can tell you that 9 times out of 10 we will fix the problem if you approach it respectfully...and we will 9 times out of 10 not do a damn thing about it if you approach it mean and hateful.

So smile and ask nicely for help.. chances are you will find it.