Sunday, July 22, 2007

hermitgrrl needs a new computer

Oooo apparently on a PC you can make links in your post.. but I'll still get a mac if I ever can. Till then, I won't be around much. :*( I had no idea how much I enjoyed blogging ... until I couldn't. Stupid grass bein all green on the OTHER side of the hill lol. Baby needs a new comp! Wish me luck! :)


daddums said...

uh oh. :(

Anonymous said...

hi girl,

when was the last time you defraged or cleaned out your history or casche? that computer should still be a workin, it is a mac after all and newer than trev or i's pc.....

hope you get this and can do some trouble shootin, call trev or i for assistance

love you! mom

jill said... CAN make links in your post using a Mac, I do. And you must get up and running soon since you're my blog mentor. Good luck! Computers, alas, will probably be the downfall of us all eventually when every darn one of them crashes, but I sure am addicted now :)

Anonymous said...

Hey sis what's wrong with your computer? Let me know and I can probably come over there and take a look at it not to mention I get hella good discounts on computer stuff at my job.

Love ya
The Tree