Thursday, July 19, 2007

hillbilly wine pt 3

There I was, driving to work, completely on auto pilot. You know, when you suddenly realize you just went a mile yet remember nothing? It's not just me, is it? Could be a driving-for-a-living hazard. And suddenly the sky went purple. Moving, roiling purple, with shades of lavender illuminating the clouds, and hints of brilliant fuschia. The air was hot and thick, and very still. Just when I realized it was dead silent the calm dissipated and primal screams lashed the air. 24 feet of pteranadon swooped down low across the road, triggering my foot on the brakes, albeit delayed with disbelief....
Well, it woulda been cool, anyway. Cooler than, I went to work. Worked. Went home. Although, I supose my kitchen DOES look like some sort of midievil alchemist is at work. NO, I did not sample the wares, thus producing the above escapeism. Maybe I was just stalling, nervous about the unveiling of step three in the hillbilly wine chronicles. I mean, EEW, did you see that color? Yuck! Ah, and my cheescloth/colander... not exactly the precribed method, I'm sure. (google is a great lazyman's dictionary, I just noticed [colander]) But I am forging ahead! I am determined to follow every step of the process, success or no. So I strained the stuff up, and dumped the left over goo in the compost. Lilly was strangely enjoying the smell of the leftovers- I think she even licked them.
Then I attached the air lock, busted out one of our emergency candles- don't worry, I have more- I didn't want to use the scented one from the bathroom, and atempted the "seal with wax" thing. Way harder than the author made it sound! I was trying to drip the wax close enough to where the tube goes in the lid, but to not melt the plastic tube... I may have caught a faint whiff of plastic burning, but I hope I managed successfully. At this point only time will tell. Oh, I DID add duct tape as well, heehee. A lil' extra insurance. I didn't feel very hopeful through most of this endeavor, but now an' then I get a wee nip o' hope. Again, NOT sampling! Haha. Oh, do you love my uber retro 70's towel? It's super fly.
Anyway, those pictures weren't very pretty, so here's a nice flower I threw in for ya. I grew it myself :)
P.S. Retaining wall comming along quite nicely, CL digging and hauling and moving the earth, Lilly rolling in the freshly dug stuff, and me chronicling it. That's the hardest part ya know, the chronicling. I kid :P I moved heap big rocks. Yesterday.


stella said...

Ha Ha! You are brave! I hope the hillbilly wine works out ok.

Daddums said...

Looks like some pretty chewy wine (not that there is anything wrong with that). Hope it works out!