Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Monday... well for me

After a ten and a half hour workday there are only three things 110% guaranteed or double your money back to make me smile. That's one of them in the bag there. Although the kittens are pretty darn cute. They are still hiding, but when I was at my desk I looked down and saw one on my footstool, just inches from my knees, staring up at me with it's big kitten eyes. I was really careful to not make any sudden moves, but I did say hello. It didn't move, just stared at me for a good two or three minutes. Then it hopped down under my chair and scurried off to some nook or cranny. Leaving behind a STANKY TERD right on my pllow on my footstool! The whole time I thought it was perched there checking me out, it was POOING. THE NERVE.

Betty at work just got a beautiful new toyota prius (me=jealous). Ted asked her, "Did you get the SRV model?"
Betty: "Uh... I don't know...?"
Ted: "The Self Righteous Vehicle".
Me and Betty: Much Laughing.

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Teryn said...

Kitties in paper bags = cute

Kitties pooing while pretending to be cute = not cute

I had a cat who liked to pee on my clean laundry when he was mad at me. He'd sit and look right at me while he did it. It was not very cute -- but kind of funny.